Sublimation decoration produces amazing results. With sublimation you can get the product (background color) in every pantone PMS color and with unlimited logo(s), slogan, message, or personalization (names, numbers) which will fit on the product. Or you can do completely custom graphics. You can get the product in as many background colors as needed with NO COLOR CHANGE charge. If the products have the same logo you only pay for 1 setup.


Sublimation decoration leaves zero ink feel on the product as the ink absorbs into the fabric and stays there permanently (unlike traditional screen printing and embroidery which sit on top of the fabric). The end result of sublimation is an exceptional quality of decoration.


The only downside with sublimating on plush towels, blankets and scarves is that it flattens the product during the sublimation process as the fibers of the textile are heat pressed upon. These products looks less plush after sublimation but its weight remains the same.


PRO TIP: Please note that once you wash these towels, blankets and scarves, the fibers will return back to their ORIGINAL PLUSH FORM and the decoration won't fade or run. It will be permanent. Give it a few washes to see the astonishing results. See above picture worth a thousand words.

Some love the flattening after sublimation as you can fit more finished product inside a box and its less expensive to ship.

IMPORTANT: The above only comes into play on items like plush towels, blankets, and scarves. Items such as tablecloths, runners, bandannas, aprons, vests, pillow cases, t-shirts, car flags, neck gaiters, tuberz, masks are not affected by the FLATTENING due to the nature of these items and their fabrics.


Sublimation Process Summary:


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